‘Chapelwaite’: First Footage Reveals the TV Adaptation of Stephen King’s Short Story!! Check It Out!!

Epix has debuted the first teaser trailer for its upcoming original series Chapelwaite, starring Academy Award winner Adrien Brody. The series is based on Stephen King’s short story Jerusalem’s Lot and also stars Emily Hampshire.

Set in the mid 19th century, the show follows the recently-widowed Captain Charles Boone after he relocates his family to his ancestral home in the small town of Preacher’s Corner, Maine. Though Boone moves to usher in a peaceful future for his three children following his wife’s death at sea, a sordid family past lingers beneath the surface — or more literally, within the walls — refusing to relinquish its grip on the Boone family line.

As the walls whisper, creak and crack, Boone’s daughter asks, “Father, are we safe here?” This seemingly sleepy town is laden with a tragic history that Boone must confront to protect his family and end the dreadful darkness that has plagued the Boones for generations.

Brody is arguably best known for his Academy Award-winning turn in 2002’s The Pianist, but he has also made memorable appearances in King Kong, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Detachment, and Splice. Hampshire is well known for starring in Schitt’s Creek, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, the 12 Monkeys series, and Boy Meets Girl.

Brody and Hampshire are joined by Jennifer Ens, Sirena Gulamgaus (Orphan Black, Transplant), and Ian Ho (A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, A Simple Favor), who will play Boone’s children. Gord Rand (The Handmaid’s Tale, Pure), Trina Corkhum (Diggstown, Pure), and Genevieve DeGraves (Jupiter’s Legacy, Let It Snow) round out the primary ensemble.

The upcoming series is executive produced by Donald De Line (The Italian Job, Fool’s Gold), Jason Filardi (Ready Player One, Bringing Down the House) and Peter Filardi (Flatliners, The Craft).

Take a peek at the teaser trailer below and be sure to check back with Collider for updates surrounding Chapelwaite, as an official release date has yet to be announced.


via Collider

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