‘Leverage: Redemption’ Gets a New Action-Packed Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Leverage fans can rejoice, as IMDb TV has released the official trailer for Leverage: Redemption. The trailer reveals what fans of the series can expect when Leverage comes back on July 9, and how these characters have changed since Leverage concluded in 2012.

In the trailer, we see that the Leverage corporation has grown to twelve active teams operating all around the world, followed by a shot of the new “Leverage International” logo on a multi-monitor office setup. The new trailer also gives us a better look at newcomer Harry Wilson. This official trailer does a good job letting fans know that the stakes are higher this time around. The “bad guys are worse than ever,” concentrating enough power and wealth to literally re-write the rules and make their criminal behavior technically legal – which will make the team’s heists that much more complicated and challenging.

As the name implies, the overarching theme of this new story is redemption, which seems especially important to Wilson, an experienced corporate lawyer who feels as though he’s wasted years of his life defending the bad guys in the courtroom and now wants to make amends. The last minute of the trailer is set to a low-tone, gritty remix of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, implying that the reboot might go in a more dramatic direction than the delightfully campy, lighthearted tone of the original series.

Leverage: Redemption will debut on July 9, and will be airing for free on many different devices and platforms, including IMDb, Amazon Prime Video, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, video game consoles, and more. Check out the trailer for Leverage: Redemption below.


via Collider

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