‘The Lost City of D’: BTS Image Teases First Look at Paramount’s Action Rom-Com!!

The upcoming action-adventure film The Lost City of D starring Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock is currently underway, and the two stars are definitely looking like they’re having a lot of fun on set. In a photo first shared to Tatum‘s Twitter account, Bullock and Tatum can be seen nearly waist-deep in water clowning around for the camera, with the Magic Mike XXL actor captioning the first image with “This is no fun…no fun at all!”

The film is set in an unknown jungle as Bullock’s character, a recluse and romance novelist, gets swept up in an adventure with one of the cover models from her books, played by Tatum. The film is directed by siblings Adam and Aaron Nee with a script from Dana Fox, who previously wrote such romantic comedy flicks as The Wedding Date, What Happens in Vegas, and Couples Retreat.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the story is that the antagonist will be none other than Daniel Radcliffe — who will kidnap the leads, as one does. One can only hope that he really gets to run wild with a role that already sounds as gloriously over the top and ludicrous as a film like this would require, especially given that Brad Pitt is slated to make a fun cameo appearance as well.

As for when the film will release, audiences can expect it sometime in April 2022. One thing that is certain, the film has no relation to the much more serious film The Lost City of Z (though it is all too likely people will mistakenly revisit that older title, only to be very disappointed when neither Tatum or Bullock show up). Stay tuned to Collider for more info on this upcoming project.


via Collider

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