‘WandaVision’ Reveals a New Making of VFX Video!! Check It Out!!

WandaVision was an innovative new look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe not just because of its use of storytelling but for the visual effects used on the show. Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies has now made a video breaking down the VFX work of WandaVision, focusing on the various effects used in creating the show, particularly when it comes to Paul Bettany’s Vision. The video is a beautiful look at the transformation from Bettany with a bit of red make-up on and dots all over his face to the Vision we saw on-screen week after week.

The caption of the video states: “MARZ is proud to present a VFX breakdown of the various visual effects, including the VFX of creating Vision, on Marvel‘s Disney+ series WandaVision.” We get to see the final product, we sometimes see behind-the-scenes shots, but we rarely get to see this type of look look into just how much work goes into turning Bettany into Vision or his push through the hex and beyond.

With all our beloved Marvel heroes, there is some level of VFX work. Even Hawkeye has to have some in order for his arrows to fly, but some characters need more than others and both Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision are high up there on the list. Both have powers that either result in phasing in and out of things (like Vision) or using an energy source by simply moving your hands (like Wanda). On the show or in the movies, they look beautiful and seamless but we’re suspending our disbelief because we know that Olsen and Bettany can’t really do these things. That’s why breakdowns like MARZ’s WandaVision video are so exciting.

While it’s fun getting to see Vision fly on screen, it’s even more impressive to see the work MARZ is doing to bring the MCU to life in WandaVision.


via Collider

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