‘The Snoopy Show’ Returning With New Episodes in July!!

After debuting the first six episodes of The Snoopy Show earlier this year, Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and the whole Peanuts are back with seven new episodes this summer.

The new episodes will follow the crew engaging in summer fun, like mini-golf, going to the beach, riding tricycles, potato sack races, a slumber party, and even Beagle Scouts. Each episode of The Snoopy Show features three new stories with the classic gang, which means every episode is packed with multiple stories of the group enjoying the summer.

In an interview with Collider, The Snoopy Show showrunner Mark Evestaff talked about the rules of the Peanuts universe, saying:

“And so, there are certain rules and certain things that Charles Schulz had when he was doing a strip, and one of them is no adults, which is neat because it forces the kids to solve their own problems. There’s also a no parents allowed thing. One of the rules is that when Snoopy is in his fantasies, you can’t see the bottom of the dog house because of the idea that Snoopy doesn’t actually go anywhere. That’s a challenge, but also a nice idea to carry through, and we’ve certainly been faithful to that. And then, another one is that you never see the inside of Snoopy’s house, which is a fun conceit for us to play with. He has a pool table in there, he’s got a pool, he’s got a Van Gogh, and he’s got whatever you need with cartoony logic. Another one is no technology past around 1970, so you won’t see any cell phones and you don’t see any computers.”

With no parents, no technology, and tons of imagination, The Snoopy Show’s return is sure to be a nostalgic blast when the new episodes debut on Apple TV+ on July 9.


via Collider

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