‘Black Widow’ Announces Tickets Going on Sale With 3 New Videos!! Check It Out!!

After years in development and several release delays, Black Widow is finally coming out next month. To celebrate that advance theater ticketing and Disney+ Premier Access pre-orders are now available for Black Widow, Marvel has released a series of new videos to mark the occasion.

The first video, aptly titled “Ready Set Action,” focuses on the exciting sequences of the upcoming MCU film. In the clip, star Scarlett Johansson states that, “Black Widow is something that the Marvel universe has never experienced before.” We then see armored vehicles driving through the streets of Budapest destroying everything in their path. The video also shows a brutal fight between Johansson and Florence Pugh, and teases a massive prison fight, which David Harbour says featured hundreds of people.

The second video again focuses on the action sequences of Black Widow, while also stating that “the experience will be worth the wait.” While the clip shows quick cuts of various fights that include Pugh, Harbour, and Rachel Weisz, while the sequences ends with an impressively huge fight that has Black Widow flying through the sky, avoiding falling debris, all while fighting Taskmaster.

The final video features Pugh, Johansson, and Harbour, who states “grab your tickets today…or else!” The video is a funny little bit between Pugh and Harbour, and certainly makes us excited to see these two new additions to the MCU in Black Widow.

Black Widow comes to theaters and Disney+ Premier Access on July 9. Tickets are available to preorder through Fandango here, or pre-orders through Disney+ are available here. Check out the three new action-packed clips for Black Widow below.


via Collider

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