‘Manifest’ Has Been Cancelled at NBC!!

NBC has chosen not to renew Manifest for a possible fourth season. The news was revealed by Deadline, who reported that the decision not to continue the show was confirmed Monday night before cast member options on the series were set to expire the following day. The show has seen a secondary breath of life on Netflix recently, where it currently holds the #1 spot on the streaming service’s Top 10 programming in the U.S.

The news follows NBC‘s decision to cancel several other shows on the network whose fates were apparently on the bubble — and Manifest joins fellow series Debris and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, whose cancellations have already been announced. According to Deadline, series creator Jeff Rake had originally pitched Manifest with a six-season plan, which he had also previously shared with Collider:

“I landed this idea over a decade ago and, at that time, I always knew the end game. When I originally hit on the concept, I knew the beginning. I knew that I wanted this to be about a separated family and throwing at them the most tantalizing, impossible obstacle conceivable, in order to tear them apart and bring them back together again. Thus, the missing airplane. In my first incarnation, I did basically have a sense of the ultimate end game, but as anyone who watches or writes television knows, there’s a long way from the beginning to the end. … The many layers that I intend to bring to the show have been the result of my own contemplating, over the years. Now that I’m working with eight incredibly talented writers in the room with me, I have the benefit of collaborating with all of them to fill in all the gaps in between.”

Rake shared a statement via his personal Twitter account early this morning regarding the announcement, saying that he was “devastated by NBC‘s decision” and “hoping to find a new home.” Other cast members, such as Josh Dallas and Luna Blaise, expressed thanks for the support from fans as the hashtag #SaveManifest began to trend on Twitter. The account for the show’s writer’s room also mentioned the “sad news,” especially in light of Manifest‘s recent popularity on Netflix.

As of right now, the series is currently in the process of being shopped around to other potential networks or streaming platforms for acquisition. Seasons 1 and 2 of Manifest are currently available to stream on Netflix.


via Collider

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