‘Westworld’ Season 4: Jeffrey Wright Teases Start of Filming on With New Photo!! Check It Out!!

Westworld, the love-it-or-hate-it (or can’t-understand-it) sci-fi show from HBO is currently in the works on its fourth season, as cast member Jeffrey Wright hinted at on his Instagram. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s high-concept series originally premiered back in 2016, and has famously kept audiences waiting for answers by simply releasing a new season every two years. The last season aired back in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic, which means Season 4 is likely to premiere sometime in 2022.

Wright’s Instagram post was indeed a tease, offering little information about the story or plotlines we might see in Season 4. He only took a picture of his on-set chair with his character name “Bernard.” His tagline said, “Good morning…old friend,” a reference to his relationship with Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Robert Ford. We last saw Bernard returning from “the Sublime,” the secret digital world in which many hosts escaped to in the earlier seasons. Bernard emerges covered in dust, seemingly many years after he entered (although there is no confirmation that is true).

This is only one of the many questions that the finale of Season 3 left us with. We saw the demise of fan-favorite Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and the introduction of Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul), a product of an exploitative system. Dolores passes the torch of saving humanity off to Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve and Caleb, while a different version of her consciousness in the body of Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale embarks on a mission to destroy the world with the help of an AI Man in Black (Ed Harris).

Even writing this brief summary is exhausting and confusing, so we’re hoping that Season 4 will have a bit clearer of a narrative. The first season of Westworld was a favorite among critics and audiences, but each season we’ve seen a decrease in viewership numbers and positive reviews. While the series is still engaging and wildly interesting (not to mention a great use of HBO’s money via their production team), each season does become a bit more confusing and convoluted, adding in more complex storylines while not quite closing up others.

Not much is known about Season 4, except that Aurora Perrineau (Prodigal Son) was added to the cast as a key recurring role, and that the Man in Black might be the Big Bad of the season again. Unfortunately, we also know that Wood will not be returning as Dolores. One can certainly hope, however, as a show with unbreakable robots and dynamic consciousness implies the return of many characters.

There is no release date yet for when Westworld Season 4 will premiere. Check out Wright’s Instagram post below.


via Collider

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