‘The Suicide Squad’: James Gunn Confirms Runtime of DCEU Sequel!!

James Gunn used his Twitter account to tell us the exact runtime for The Suicide Squad, his upcoming take on the villainous DC super team. Gunn also confirmed The Suicide Squad will have at least one post-credits scene, which might indicate the filmmaker intends to come back for a sequel, should Warner Bros./DC invite him.

Replying to a fan’s description of a weird two-part version of The Suicide Squad they’d dreamed about, Gunn said that the film has exactly “2 hours and 12 minutes”. This puts The Suicide Squad runtime between Guardians of the Galaxy, with 2 hours and 5 minutes, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, with 2 hours and 18 minutes. Both Guardians of the Galaxy also dealt with the introduction of multiple characters, mostly unknown to the public, so The Suicide Squad should give Gunn enough time to deliver his best version of DC’s group of misfits.

What’s even more interesting is the way Gunn uses the same Twitter thread to tell fans that: “I wrote, filmed, & edited the best movie I could & it ended up at this length. No one ever planned for it to be this long.” So it looks like Gunn had all the creative freedom he needed to make the film his own, especially since The Suicide Squad was finished without any reshoots.

We still have a couple of months before The Suicide Squad hits theaters this August, but it’s safe to say we are all very excited to see what Gunn does with the franchise. The movie’s red band trailer set worldwide viewership records, but so far, we still don’t have an official synopsis. We know the villain Starro is somehow involved with the antiheroes from Task Force X, but details of the plot are being kept in secret. Maybe that’s for the best, as Gunn already teased that no one is safe and that the “suicide” bit will be put to use.

The Suicide Squad is scheduled for release in theaters and HBO Max on August 6. You can check the original Twitter thread below.


via Collider

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