‘Scoob 2’: Scooby-Doo Sequel Reportedly In Development!!

A Scooby-Doo sequel, called Scoob 2, is reportedly in development. The first Scoob! movie released during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in May of 2020. This prompted Warner Bros. to experiment by simultaneously releasing the Scooby-Doo film in theaters (the ones that remained open) and to digital platforms. As a result, the flick grossed $26.3 million at the box office against a $90 million budget.

Based on the popular Hanna-Barbera franchise, Scoob! marked the third theatrical movie to star Scooby-Doo and company, arriving after Scooby-Doo (2002) and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004). While Scoob! did manage to improve on elements from the original series, it also offered a departure from franchise staples, such as ditching tales of ghouls and ghosts for robots and superheroes. As the birth of a 3D-animated Hanna-Barbera multiverse, Scoob! featured an extensive library of characters that helped set the foundation for an expanding universe with the possibility of sequels, spinoffs, and ensemble films (similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe), making another entry into the franchise very likely.

Now, Comic Book Movie reports that a Scooby-Doo sequel, currently known as Scoob 2, is reportedly in development. While not officially confirmed, director of the first film, Tony Cervone, did offer up details on plans to follow up Scoob! with a sequel. Cervone states that the creative team behind the first movie is back and working on something new. Read Cervone‘s full quote below:

“Actually, we are kicking the tires on a follow-up to Scoob! It hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s something we’re all excited about. The whole creative team that made the first movie is still around and back and working on something new. It was neat to create this Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe, and it’s exciting to return to it.”

As stated above, Scoob! was intended as a reboot of the original franchise, as well as a vehicle to set up a larger expanding universe of Hanna-Barbera characters. Not only did the reboot star the original members of the Mystery Machine gang, but it also featured other classic Hanna-Barbera characters, such as Blue Flacon (Mark Wahlberg), Dick Dastardly (Jason Isaacs), Dynomutt the Dog Wonder (Ken Jeong), and more. The film even received a second theatrical release on May 21, 2021, making it clear that Warner Bros. has every intention of making sure the movie successful in order to lay a better foundation for their future plans with the franchise.

Because of the timing of its release, Scoob! never really got a chance to make the sort of impact the studio wanted it to make. Furthermore, the film received mixed reviews from critics, and many diehard Scooby-Doo fans did not approve of the reboot’s new ideas and themes. Despite all of this, the box office performance for Scoob! managed to rival Trolls World Tour, and it remained in the top rental release spots for several weeks. Since Scoob 2 is more than likely a possibility, it will be interesting to see how fans take to the superhero-esque Hanna-Barbera multiverse that Warner Bros. has planned for the franchise.


via Screen Rant

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