‘Made For Love’ Renewed for Second Season!!

HBO Max is giving a second season to its dark romantic comedy Made for Love, starring Cristin Milioti, Billy Magnussen and Ray Romano.

Based on the Alissa Nutting novel and executive produced by Christina Lee and Nutting for Paramount Television Studios, the series follows the tumultuous, suffocating marriage between Hazel Green (Milioti) and her tech billionaire husband Byron Gogol (Magnussen), who has implanted the Made for Love chip, a monitoring device, in her brain. With it, Byron is able to track Havel’s every move and collect her “emotional data” as she tries to regain her independence. Through the chip, he watches her flee to her desert hometown to take refuge with her aging widower father, Herbert (Ray Romano), who lives with his synthetic partner, Diane.

Made for Love also stars Dan Bakkedahl, Noma Dumezweni, Augusto Aguilera and Caleb Foote.

Season 1 was executive produced by Lee, Nutting, Patrick Somerville, Dean Bakopoulos, Liza Chasin and SJ Clarkson. Stephanie Laing was a co-EP and directed six episodes, including the pilot and season finale, and Alethea Jones directed two episodes. Lee served as Season 1 showrunner, and she’ll be joined by Nutting to showrun Season 2.

Made for Love is funny, dark and entirely unique,” said Suzanna Makkos, EVP Original Comedy and Adult Animation at HBO Max. “We are thrilled to be reuniting with this dream team of talented producers, incredible cast, and CGI dolphins to tell the next chapter of this exciting story.”

Said Lee and Nutting in a joint statement: “We’re thrilled we get the chance to work with our incredible cast and crew again. We would’ve announced the pickup earlier, but it was a beast closing Diane’s deal. Everyone thinks she’s a doll, but she’s a real hard-ass.”

Made for Love is one of many HBO Max series receiving a Season 2, joining Kaley Cuoco comedy series The Flight Attendant and the Ridley Scott’s produced sci-fi series Raised by Wolves.


via Deadline

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