‘Firestarter’ Reboot Adds Sydney Lemmon!!

Blumhouse’s upcoming reboot of the Stephen King classic, Firestarter, has added Helstrom’s and Fear the Walking Dead’s Sydney Lemmon to the cast. Based on King’s 1980 novel about a girl with pyrokinetic abilities, the book was originally adapted as a film in 1984 starring a young Drew Barrymore. Blumhouse Productions announced their latest reboot of the property in late 2019, and the new Firestarter script has been given King‘s official seal of approval.

More recently, Deadline is reporting that Lemmon will be playing the mother of Charlie, the young girl around whom the story is focused, and whose frightening abilities were inherited from her parents who participated in experimental drug trials during their college years. In the original 1984 adaptation, the role was portrayed by Melrose Place actress, Heather Locklear. Lemmon will be joining previously announced cast members Zac Efron, as Charlie’s father Andy, and Charlie herself is set to be played by American Horror Story’s Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

The past few years have seen a major resurgence in fresh adaptations of King’s classic works, and Firestarter is just the latest in a long line of films, television adaptations, and reboots which has included ItPet Sematary, and The Stand, just to name a few. Firestarter also isn’t the only King story currently in production, as Blumhouse is also spearheading a reboot of Christine with Hannibal’s creator, Bryan Fuller, set to write and direct. At present, there is currently no release date set for Lemmon and Efron‘s Stephen King outing, but there are certainly plenty of other choices to entertain fans of the undisputed master of horror until then.



via Screen Rant

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