‘Bandit’: First Look Reveals Josh Duhamel in the New Heist Thriller!! Check It Out!!

On behalf of Highland Film Group, a first look photo of the new heist-thriller BANDIT featuring Josh Duhamel (Photo credit Jesse Korman) has been released, check it out:

Status: In-Production

Genre: Heist Thriller

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Mel Gibson, Elisha Cuthbert, Nestor Carbonell

Writers: Kraig Wenman from a script based on author Robert Knuckle’s best-selling novel and journalist Ed Arnold’s interviews with Gilbert Galvan Jr, who lived under the name Robert Whiteman when he was dubbed the Flying Bandit in 1987

Director: Allan Ungar (Gridlocked)

Producers: Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman of Yale Productions, Eric Gozlan of Goldrush Entertainment, and Ryan Donnell Smith of Thomasville Pictures

Synopsis: Based on the true story of ‘The Flying Bandit’ who successfully got away with 63 bank and jewelry heists during his notorious crime spree, Bandit tells the colorful tale of the career criminal (Josh Duhamel) who escapes from a US prison and crosses the border into Canada, assuming a new identity. After falling in love and getting married, he claims to take a job as a traveling security consultant and his daring crimes continue. Only when he turns to lifetime gangster Tommy (Mel Gibson) for an investment, does his simple career become complicated and he becomes embroiled in the biggest job in Canadian history and at the center of a special forces cross-country manhunt.

International Rights: Highland Film Group


Courtesy of Maxine Leonard

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