‘Peacemaker’: James Gunn Confirms Filming on Season 1 Has Wrapped!!

We are still a month away from the release of James Gunn’s highly anticipated DC movie The Suicide Squad, but the first season of the spinoff HBO Max series Peacemaker has already wrapped filming. The news comes from Gunn’s Twitter account, proving once again that the filmmaker is one of the most productive people on the planet.

Gunn’s tweet celebrates the wrap of the eight-episode season of Peacemaker after 131 days of production, a tight schedule for a blockbuster TV show. In the tweet, Gunn also says that the pitch for the Peacemaker spinoff happened “less than a year ago”, another impressive number that shows the series went from pitching to production real fast.

Peacemaker will star John Cena as the title vigilante, one of the members of Gunn’s version of The Suicide Squad. The upcoming movie won’t address David AyersSuicide Squad from 2016, following its own creative path without caring too much for continuity. Even if The Suicide Squad doesn’t connect directly to other DC movies, the fast path to production for Peacemaker signals that WarnerMedia is clearly confident of the movie’s success, or at the very least Cena’s appeal.

Peacemaker will also star Freddie Stroma as Vigilante, a marksman who can heal himself quickly and might be an antagonist to Cena’s Peacemaker. Gunn wrote all eight episodes of Peacemaker, directing five episodes himself. As we at Collider exclusively reported, three remaining episodes are directed by Jody Hill (Superbad), Brad Anderson (Titans),and Rosemary Rodriguez (Jessica Jones).

The Suicide Squad will be available in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6. The movie will have early preview screenings in the U.S. on August 5. We still don’t know exactly when Peacemaker is coming to HBO Max beyond “January 2022,” but we should get a release date as soon as The Suicide Squad premieres. Check Gunn’s original tweet below.


via Collider

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