Netflix Is Expanding into Video Games!!

Netflix is pushing its appeal to attract new viewers by expanding the company’s reach to a different audience: gamers. It also looks as though viewers and gamers alike can expect to have access to Netflix’s gaming service sooner than expected.

The video game side of Netflix will be presented just like a regular streaming service offered by the company, but also as a “new programming genre.” This whole idea started when Netflix hired Mike Verdu as vice president of Netflix’s game development. Verdu previously worked for Electronic Arts Inc. and Facebook, creating games such as Plants vs. Zombies and the Sims mobile games.

Netflix is expected to grow its gaming team and have the game streaming service available as soon as this coming year. There are no details involving a price increase at this time, meaning no additional charges for access to the new feature have been announced.

This new act in expanding the company’s business is Netflix’s attempt at remaining as the top streaming service for all types of entertainment and increase the number of subscribers to the platform, a number that has been slowing down due to Netflix’s many competitors. With video games a source of revenue that few other streaming services have tried to take on, it’s only natural that Netflix would want in on some of the action. Netflix has made no official announcement regarding its expansion to video games but has made no attempt to deny the news either.

With Netflix possibly getting into video games by next year, it will be interesting to see how their involvement could shake up the gaming industry, and if other streaming services will try to follow in their footsteps.


via Collider

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