‘Army of the Dead 2’: Zack Snyder Returns for Sequel; Signs Two-Year First-Look Deal With Netflix!!

Zack Snyder and his wife/producing partner, Deborah Snyder, have just signed a two-year first-look deal with Netflix via their Stone Quarry Productions banner. Producer Wesley Coller is also one of the founders of the company. Also, per a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder is officially developing an Army of the Dead sequel, but it won’t happen for a while.

As part of the deal, Snyder will co-write, produce, and direct a sci-fi adventure flick titled Rebel Moon, which was previously reported earlier this month. Rebel Moon is said to be heavily influenced by Star Wars and the work of Akira Kurosawa. Apparently, Snyder will helm a direct sequel to Army of the Dead after he is done working on Rebel Moon. Not much is known about the newly confirmed sequel other than the fact that Snyder will co-write the film with Shay Hatten, who is returning from the first movie. Snyder has hinted at the development of a sequel to his hit Netflix film in various interviews, but the news wasn’t confirmed until now.

Snyder is currently producing two different Army of the Dead spin-offs, one an anime, the other a German language prequel entitled Army of Thieves. Army of Thieves sees Matthias Schweighöfer reprising his role from Army of the Dead, and depicts Ludwig Dieter at the beginning of his safe-cracking career and the start of the zombie apocalypse. The prequel is set to be released on Netflix later this year. The anime series is titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and is set to premiere in the spring of 2022. On Tuesday, Netflix revealed that Snyder‘s Army of the Dead was watched by 75 million member accounts.

Because of this first-look deal, audiences will not have to wait long to see several follow-ups to this year’s smash success, Army of the Dead. Other projects being developed by Stone Quarry Productions include an action film that will serve as the directorial debut of stunt coordinator and frequent Snyder collaborator Damon Caro, as well as another animated Netflix series, Twilight of the Gods.


via Collider

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