‘The Human Condition’: Matt Reeves and Damon Lindelof Teaming Up for HBO Max Medical Drama!!

A British doctor curing what are deemed “impossible illnesses”? We’re in! Damon Lindelof, Matt Reeves, and Oscar Sharp are teaming up for a new HBO Max medical drama called The Human Condition, Variety reports. And if there’s one thing people love, it’s a British doctor doing the unexplainable. We’ll never forget you, House.

Reeves6th & Idaho production banner, Warner Bros. Television, and Brightstar are set to produce the show along with Daniel Pipski, and Rafi Crohn executive producing. Reeves, Lindelof, and Sharp who is also writing and directing will be executive producing as well as Tanya Seghatchian and John Woodward who will be executive producing for Brightstar.

Medical dramas are a constant in our television world. But one thing that seems fascinating about The Human Condition is the magical realism the show is going to have. A style of storytelling that has become widely popular in shows like Stranger Things, The Leftovers, Westworld, and beyond. Adding that into the world of a medical drama is new and exciting as, for the most part, our medical dramas are typically based completely in reality.

These three powerhouses are also constantly giving fans new content. Reeves is working on The Batman for Warner Bros. as well as doing multiple shows for Warner Bros. set in or around the fictional world of Gotham. Lindelof came off an incredible run of The Leftovers only to have Watchmen be a critically acclaimed show as well. He is also known for his work on LOST and is constantly creating interesting worlds to bring us to. Sharp, who co-created the first script entirely written by AI called Sunspring is also no stranger to success, having directed Olivia Colman in The Kármán Line. It makes for a promising future for The Human Condition having them all involved.

With Reeves, Lindelof, and Sharp in charge, we should be in good hands for The Human Condition and what’s one more medical drama added to our roster?


via Collider

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