‘Doctor Strange’ Duo Scott Derrickson, Timo Tjahjanto Tease New Project!!

Director-producer Scott Derrickson and writer-director Timo Tjahjanto shared a series of cryptic social media posts hinting at a new project the two men are working on together. Derrickson started off things by tweeting a lone picture of the front of a script with three names on it: his, Tjahjanto, and C. Robert Cargill, whom he also tagged in the tweet. The date on it is 7/22/21, and the name is…well, it’s censored out behind an emoji of a human skull. But we know it looks something like “The H____r”. Below that is an excerpt from a title card which reads

“The year is 20🐍. Society is screwed. Crime and violence have risen steadily in all remaining regions of planet Earth. Most of Asia has been unified”.

Tjahjanto Retweeted Erikson‘s tweet a few minutes later with the caption “Honored to be writing together along with the masters of the craft & yeah, it’s a crazy one”. Naturally, sleuths on the internet are going wild trying to guess what the title of the flick is going to be. In a reply to his original tweet, Derrickson said “so many names guessed on this thread and nobody has gotten it yet. Why does everyone assume it’s one word?” But it’s unclear whether he was trying to give fans a legitimate clue or just trolling.

Cargill and Derrickson were quite the dynamic duo for the wildly successful Doctor Strange screenplay – and Derrickson just wrapped production on the follow-up, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So what does Tjahjanto bring to the table? Well, he has written and directed a series of dark, psychological thrillers and horror movies of his own, and he also made the incredibly gnarly action-thriller The Night Comes For Us. Based on that title card excerpt, it sounds like the subject of this upcoming movie is right up his alley, too.

We don’t have any casting news or release dates yet, but based on who is involved in the project so far, this one should be a doozy. You can check out Tjahjanto‘s tweet below.


via Collider

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