Travis Scott and A24 Sign Production Deal!!

A24 Films has tweeted out a photo hinting that they will soon be working together with Travis Scott on an upcoming film. The photo shows a cardboard with a inside screenplay that has the A24 logo in the upper right corner. Coffee and what looks like red ink stains are easy to see on its tattered front page. Most of the title is redacted except for the last two letters: “IA”. The byline is attributed to Scott, and in the bottom left corner, it has the words “first draft” in all caps, “A24“, “Cactus Jack“, with another line that is also redacted. There are no words attached to the tweet, just an emoji of a cactus.

Scott is an American musician and producer who claims that his works are “not hip-hop,” although it’s easy to see why he gets mislabeled. While it’s hard to predict what the upcoming screenplay could be about, Scott has said in several past interviews that he would love to put a musical together, and who better to do that with than A24?

Variety has also revealed that Scott‘s Cactus Jack has a production deal with A24, and that the title of the project is Utopia. Variety also states that this will be A24‘s first “special project,” which will align with Scott‘s follow-up to his album “Astroworld.”

A24 is an independent film and television production and distribution company, which has been behind such films as Moonlight, Uncut Gems, Lady Bird and many more. Already this year, A24 has released Saint Maud, False Positive, Zola, Val, and most recently, The Green Knight, and the first season of Ziwe. Coming soon, A24 has Lamb coming in October starring Noomi Rapace, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s series Mr. Corman, which will debut on Apple TV+ this week. A24 has many more films on the docked for 2021, including C’mon C’mon starring Joaquin Phoenix, and The Tragedy of Macbeth from Joel Coen and starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

Check out A24‘s announcement of the Travis Scott project below.


via Collider

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