‘How I Met Your Father’: First Image Sees the Cast Together!! Check It Out!!

As production on Hulu’s How I Met Your Father moves forward, producer and star Hilary Duff has posted the first cast photo, taken on a soundstage and in front of the set of an apartment that, according to Duff, we may know too well. The full cast of How I Met Your Father was confirmed just a little over a week ago by Hulu, after announcing that Duff and Chris Lowell will play two main characters, Sophie and Jesse.

Joining Lowell and Duff are Francia Rasa, who plays Sophie’s roommate Valentina. Also, Tom Ainsley plays Charlie, an aspiring model. Tien Tran plays Jesse’s adopted sister Ellen, who moves to New York after separating from her wife. Also in Jesse’s circle is Suraj Sharma as his roommate Sid, a bar owner.

The spinoff series will tell a similar story to the one told in How I Met Your Mother. Throughout its 9-season run, the comedy series followed Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) as he sat with his kids in the future and told a very long story of how he met their mother and a group of close friends. Now, How I Met Your Father will use the same structure, but we are yet to discover if we can expect the new series to be as crazy in structure as the original show was.

At the same time, the announcement that original series director Pam Fryman, as well as former showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are all returning as executive producers may indicate that we can expect flashbacks on top of flashbacks, flashforwards, alternate realities, and all the wacky running jokes that permeated the 208 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

The new series will be written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, both of whom worked together on NBC‘s This is Us and developed Love, Victor for Hulu. How I Met Your Father doesn’t have a release date yet.

All 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother are available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

You can see the cast photo below:


via Collider

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