‘C’mon C’mon’: First Image Teases Joaquin Phoenix’ New Film!! Check It Out!!

As part of their release for their Spotlight section, New York Film Festival’s official Twitter account has revealed the first image of C’mon C’mon, the new film by director Mike Mills. The NYFF Spotlight is a special section within the event that focuses on highly anticipated films made by returning and new filmmakers.

The black and white image shows star Joaquin Phoenix (who is back to a healthy weight after losing 52 pounds to play Arthur Fleck in Joker) side by side with Woody Norman, who reportedly delivers a stunning breakout performance. Phoenix plays a documentary filmmaker who is tasked with taking care of his troubled nephew, played by Norman.

An Academy Award nominee, director, and screenwriter, Mills is known in Hollywood for his different, albeit kind and soulful takes on common stories. He also puts a lot of space between projects: after his feature-length debut, Thumbsucker, he only directed a new feature film five years later, in 2010. Beginners was an LGBTQ+ coming out story featuring the late Christopher Plummer. In 2017, he was nominated in the Best Screenplay category for his comedy/drama 20th Century Women, starring Annette Benning, Greta Gerwig, and Elle Fanning.

C’mon, C’mon is Mills’ first film in five years. It is also Phoenix‘s first movie since Joker. You can read the official synopsis below:

A soulful Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny, a kindhearted radio journalist deep into a project in which he interviews children across the U.S. about our world’s uncertain future. His sister, Viv (a marvelously intuitive Gaby Hoffmann), asks him to watch her 8-year-old son, Jesse (Woody Norman, in one of the most affecting breakout child performances in years), while she tends to the child’s father, who’s suffering from mental health issues. After agreeing, Johnny finds himself connecting with his nephew in ways he hadn’t expected, ultimately taking Jesse with him on a journey from Los Angeles to New York to New Orleans. Anchored by three remarkable actors, C’mon C’mon is a gentle yet impeccably crafted drama about coming to terms with personal trauma and historical legacies.7


via Collider

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