‘The Unusual Suspects’ Trailer Teases Hulu’s New Heist Dramedy Miniseries!! Check It Out!!

Hulu has released a trailer for its new limited series, The Unusual Suspects. The trailer arrives as all four episodes of the heist dramedy arrive on the streaming service. Miranda Otto stars as Sara Beasley, a successful businesswoman who undertakes a daring heist in the Sydney suburbs with the help of an unlikely team of socialites and nannies. Aina Dumlao, Michelle Vergara Moore, Lena Cruz, and Heather Mitchell also star.

The Unusual Suspects was created by Jessica Redenbach, who wrote the series alongside Roger Monk and Vonne Patiag. Run and Avenue 5 director Natalie Bailey directed three episodes, with Melvin Montalban directing the fourth. It was produced by Aquarius Films’ Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford for SBS Australia, where the series premiered in June.

Praised for its rambunctious fun, the energy of the series really comes across in the trailer, which introduces its cast and conflicts in a veritable whirlwind of flash. Even with all that style, there’s still plenty of room for laughs, including Susana Downes clarifying that she’s not famous, but infamous. “It’s different,” she adds. That breezy mix and short, four-episode run makes the series a bingeable little bon mot.

The Unusual Suspects is streaming on Hulu now. Check out the trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In Sydney’s glamorous suburbs, Sara Beasley, a rich business woman, lives along Evie, her nanny who holds her family together. What Sara ignores is that Evie has a daughter of her own, left behind in the Philippines. Roxanne Waters, a self-made Filipina socialite, is married to Jordan who bought her a precious necklace… just before being arrested for fraud. Together with Amy, Roxanne’s nanny and friend, and Birdie, a retired lawyer, the five women will join forces to find a way to achieve their dreams – by planning a heist.


via Collider

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