‘Leverage: Redemption’ Teaser Reveals Release Date for Upcoming Episodes!! Check It Out!!

IMDb TV has released a TikTok-esque teaser video for the second half of Leverage: Redemption Season 1. The show stars original Leverage cast members Beth Riesgraf (Parker), Christian Kane (Elliot Spencer), Gina Bellman (Sophie Devereaux), with Aldis Hodge occasionally reprising his role as Alec Hardison. New cast members include Hardison’s foster sister Breanna Casey (played by Alyese Shannon) and regretful lawyer Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle).

The teaser video is less than a minute long and does the show justice in every way. It starts with Elliot crumpling up an envelope marked “confidential” and tossing it over his shoulder, followed immediately by a smash cut of the same envelope being caught by Wilson. Looking both perplexed and slightly annoyed, he throws it away with a smash cut to Sophie relaxing on a yacht. There are also cuts of Parker pilfering the same envelope from a secret location while Hardison uses his hacker skills to keep tabs on her. In classic Leverage fashion, the video ends with a rewind and a big reveal of the envelope’s contents: the announcement that new episodes are coming this October.

Although the reboot pays a lot of fan service and stays faithful to the original, Leverage: Redemption has done a good job differentiating itself from its predecessor. The marks are bigger and the stakes are higher than they were in the previous series. From taking out dictators across the globe to taking down sociopathic pharma-bros, they’re working together like never before to help themselves and others escape the mistakes of their past. After all, who wants to be remembered only for who they were on their worst day? Certainly not these intrepid thieves with hearts of gold.

The second half of Season 1 drops October 8 on IMDb TV. You can watch the episodes for free (with ads) on either IMDb TV or Amazon Prime Video. Check out the teaser video below.


via Collider

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