‘Sucker Punch’ Cast Members Reunite for Group Photo!! Check It Out!!

The cast of Sucker Punch reunited for a group photo that might inadvertently serve as a call to action for director Zack Snyder‘s legion of fans. Jena Malone, Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, and Jamie Chung got together a decade after the film was first released, and recreated a picture from 12 years ago, for Instagram.

Both Malone and Hudgens shared the then-and-now pictures, with Malone going so far as to call for a follow-up. “#letsmakeaprequel” read one of her hashtags, while another declared, “#suckerpunchforever.”

Hudgens added Carla Gugino to her photo and wrote in her post:

“12 years later – Reunited and it feels SO GOOD. @carlagugino couldn’t make it so I did my best to photoshop her in. So grateful to be forever connected to this group of strong and incredible women.”

Sucker Punch, a mash-up movie that was divided into distinct video game-inspired levels that borrowed elements from fantasy, cyberpunk, science-fiction and other genres, was described by Snyder as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns” back in the day. Sucker Punch followed after Snyder‘s breakout success with 300 and his polarizing Watchmen adaptation. Sucker Punch was his first outright critical and commercial disappointment, grossing $89 million worldwide on a reported budget of $82 million.

Snyder revealed in a Vanity Fair video that his first real brush with studio interference happened not on his DC movies, but on Sucker Punch. He said, “[Sucker Punch] was the first time where I really faced, like, a true radical restructuring of the film for it to be more commercial. And there is a director’s cut of that movie that has yet to be released. I’ll say that out loud.”

The director currently has his plate full. Snyder is awaiting the release of a spin-off to his Netflix zombie movie Army of the Dead, titled Army of Thieves. He’ll then direct the sci-fi adventure Rebel Moon and a sequel to Army of the Dead, both as part of his two-year deal with the streamer. Check out Malone‘s Instagram post here:


via Collider

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