Ridley Scott Wants to Make a Musical and a Western!!

Whether he’s crafting futurescapes in Blade Runner or recreating second-century Rome for Gladiator, it seems there’s little Ridley Scott can’t do as a director. But there are a few things he hasn’t yet done, including musicals and westerns, and he’s apparently looking to change that.

At a press conference for his upcoming The Last Duel at the Venice Film Festival Friday, Scott suggested that he’s actively seeking out projects that contrast his previous body of work. “I tend to look for material that I haven’t done before,” said Scott. “I’m constantly looking for something that is fresh and different. I’ve never done a musical. I’ve never done a western. So I’m looking for that now.”

The Last Duel star Jodie Comer lept at the opportunity to throw her hat in the ring, joking “Ridley, I really want to do a musical, if you’re free.” Co-star and co-writer Ben Affleck noted that the Oscar-nominated director might be serious. “See? Ridley can do everything, so you can’t even joke with him,” said Affleck. “He’s like, ‘yes, I will do a musical!'”

In spite of the jokes, Scott seemed sincere in his enthusiasm for musicals, noting All That Jazz and Cabaret as his favorites. He even returned to the subject to heap praise on the pioneers of film musicals: “Gene Kelly was an athlete. So was Fred Astaire. When you see those guys do it then, it is never that good. Until Cabaret and All That Jazz.”

The discussion quickly pivots back to Scott‘s affinity for period films, though there’s no reason those two interests couldn’t be blended into his next project. Heck, maybe frequent collaborator Russell Crowe could even dust off his Les Misérables outfit to join. With Comer already having expressed her interest, he’s halfway to having this thing cast already.

The Last Duel arrives in theaters on October 15. Check out the video of the press conference below.


via Collider

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