‘Unidentified With Demi Lovato’ Trailer Sees Demi Lovato Search for UFOs!! Check It Out!!

Ever wish you could go looking for aliens with Demi Lovato? Well, now is your lucky chance! In a new trailer for their Peacock original show Unidentified with Demi Lovato, the singer relays their experience with what they believe was an extraterrestrial and takes us all on a journey with them to find answers. If this trailer has anything to say about it, getting to see Demi Lovato, their sister, and their best friend explore the unknown is going to be a wild experience.

The entire four-part series will stream on September 30th on Peacock, which is great because we don’t want to have to wait to find out more information about what Lovato and her crew discovers!

Unidentified with Demi Lovato looks like a completely unplugged look at the singer and something they truly believe in. Which is a wonderful change of pace from the alien adjacent shows we typically see out there. Going into something like this with a believer like Lovato? It just feels genuine in a way that many of these extraterrestrial shows do not. Pair that with Lovato‘s clearly close relationship with their sister Dallas Lovato and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery, and this show is set to give us a fun look into Lovato‘s search for answers. Plus, there might be aliens, so we should all get excited!

Unidentified wth Demi Lovato debuts all four episodes on September 30 on Peacock. Check out the trailer and synopsis below.

UNIDENTIFIED WITH DEMI LOVATO is an unscripted series that follows Lovato and their skeptical best friend Matthew and their sister Dallas, as they search for the truth about the UFO phenomena. While consulting with leading experts, Demi, Dallas and Matthew will investigate recent eyewitness encounters, uncover secret government reports, and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots.


via Collider

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