‘Pretty Smart’ Trailer Teases the New Emily Osment led Netflix Series!! Check It Out!!

Netflix is bringing dumb back. A common trope, especially on past sitcoms, the dumb character was the one who provided jokes based on his or her limited knowledge of basic, universal facts. For Pretty Smart, however, executive producers Pamela Fryman (How I Met Your Mother) and Brian Singleton (Mixed-ish) are going all in, having multiple dumb characters and one smart woman having to deal with all of them at the same time.

The intellectual of the group is Chelsea, played by Emily Osment, who was seen recently on The Kominsky Method, and is best known for her breakout role as Lilly Truscott in Disney Channel‘s Hannah Montana. The series also stars Gregg Sulkin (Runaways), Olivia Macklin (The Young Pope), Cinthya Carmona (Greenhouse Academy), and Michael Hsu Rosen (Tiny Pretty Things).

Pretty Smart has two creators and showrunners that wrote for highly praised comedy series: Emmy winner Jack Dolgen wrote for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Doug Mand, who worked with both Dolgen and Fryman on their respective shows.

Pretty Smart premieres on October 8 on Netflix. Check out the trailer and synopsis for Pretty Smart below.

After getting unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend, Chelsea (Emily Osment) — a high-brow, Harvard-educated intellectual and aspiring novelist — is forced to move in with her bubbly, carefree, not-so-intellectual West Coast sister, Claire (Olivia Macklin), and her three lovably eccentric, not-so-intellectual roommates: Grant (Gregg Sulkin), a distractingly handsome personal trainer, Solana (Cinthya Carmon), a former lawyer turned healer, and Jayden (Michael Hsu Rosen), a social media influencer. But Chelsea’s tough, sometimes judgemental exterior starts to soften as she gets to know her new friends, and they begin to form an unlikely found family.


via Collider

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