‘Babylon 5’ Reboot in Development at The CW!!

The CW is adding yet another science-fiction series to its stacked roster of shows. The network has announced that it is partnering with Warner Bros. Television to create a reboot of the Emmy-winning space opera series Babylon 5, developed by original series creator J. Michael Straczynski, who most recently created and show-ran Sense8 with The Wachowskis for Netflix. According to the network, the reboot will be a “from-the-ground-up” project, leaving no trace of the original 90s series behind and opting for a brand new take on the sci-fi classic.

Straczynski is set to write the series, which will follow John Sheridan, an officer with a mysterious background, assigned by his employer Earthforce to a Babylon 5, a five-mile-long port of call for space travelers, corporate explorers, shifty smugglers, and extraterrestrial diplomats during a time in the distant future threatened by war. Sheridan finds himself in the line of fire when an exploration company dives into war with an alien civilization a million years ahead of Earth, unintentionally ending up as the last hope for the survival of the human race.

The original Babylon 5 series, which starred Michael O’Hare, Bruce Boxleitner, and Claudia Christian, was much-beloved by fans and critics alike, earning itself a number of awards, including two Hugo Awards and Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Special Visual Effects and Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series. The series is generally lauded as the beginning of a new era for CGI and special effects on television, running for five seasons between 1994 and 1998 and spawning a number of spinoffs, including a miniseries, five television movies, and twenty-two novels.

Straczynski is also set to executive produce the series with his studio JMS, alongside Warner Bros. Television. No cast or release dates have been released for the series.



via Collider

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