‘The Closer’ Trailer Teases the End of Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Comedy Specials!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for the latest special from legendary comedian Dave Chappelle. Titled The Closer, it marks Chappelle‘s sixth foray with the streaming giant, closing out a string of specials that have earned him critical acclaim along with five Emmy awards, three Grammy wins, and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2019.

“Comedians have a responsibility to speak recklessly,” says Chappelle in the teaser, flashing back to the five specials that have led up to now. While little new material is shown in the trailer, it looks to strike a similar chord to his previous work, offering a proper bookend to his grand return to stand up. The special will once again be directed by Stan Lathan, the man behind every Netflix special Chappelle has dropped to date. Most exciting, however, is that the release date is remarkably soon, dropping next week on October 5.

Chappelle made his long-awaited return to stand up comedy back in 2017 with his specials The Age of Spin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Equanimity, and The Bird of Revelation, which started a massive sweep at the Grammys in which he’d win best comedy album for three years straight. In 2019, he released Sticks and Stones which finished off the three-peat and picked up three Emmy awards along the way. Since then, he also released his YouTube special 8:46 in 2020, which took a more serious angle on the ongoing issue of violence against African Americans in the wake of George Floyd‘s death.

The press release from Netflix, along with the title, teases this may be the last of Chappelle‘s stand-up comedy specials, though it’s not clear if this is merely the final chapter of this string of content. His relationship with the streaming giant has been a beneficial one for both parties, but a meaningful one for Chappelle since Netflix removed Chappelle’s Show from the platform at his request, a move that ultimately helped him get the rights back for the groundbreaking comedy.

The Closer comes to Netflix on October 5, but in the meantime, check out the teaser below for the sixth and possibly final chapter of Chappelle‘s comedy specials.



via Collider

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