‘The Masters of Mini-Golf’: Ashton Kutcher led Comedy Coming to HBO Max!!

Warner Bros. has purchased the comedy film The Masters of Mini-Golf from Mila KunisOrchard Farm Productions and plans to air it on HBO Max, Deadline reports. Ashton Kutcher will star as a golf hustler who, along with his older brother, plan to switch their schemes from the PGA to the Masters of Mini Golf. However, it turns out to be a whole lot more than what the two bargained for as they find out that the challenges and competitors are a lot more complicated than what they imagined. The Masters of Mini-Golf is currently in production.

Kutcher is well-known for That ‘70s Show, which he starred in with Kunis, Two and a Half Men, No Strings Attached, and Jobs, a biographical drama based on the life of Steve Jobs. His most recent work includes The Ranch, a Netflix-original sitcom about a failed semi-pro football player who returns to his family’s ranch to run the ranching business with his estranged father and must deal with the struggles of his changing life.

While Kutcher currently has several projects in the work, the actor’s last film was 2014’s Annie. No other cast members or a director have been announced yet for The Masters of Mini-Golf.

The Masters of MIni-Golf is written by Ava Tramer and Ari Berkowitz, whose first collaboration was a spec script titled (Please) Maternity Leave, which was named to 2018’s Black List. Separately, Tramer has worked on Parks and Recreation, Hello Ladies, and The Mindy Project, while Berkowitz has worked on Hoops and Carol’s Second Act.

The Masters of Mini-Golf does not have a release date yet, but will be coming to HBO Max.



via Collider

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