‘Batwoman’ Season 3 Gets a New Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Batman isn’t the only hero protecting Gotham City, and DC knows it. As a part of their DC FanDome event, the company has premiered an all-new trailer for the third season of Batwoman, featuring an all-new twist that Batfans might not see coming: a supervillain working in tandem with the heroes.

Reminiscent of the 1960s Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, the trailer puts a retro spin on a not-so-great situation for Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) — being saddled with psychopathic villain Alice (Rachel Skartsen) as her new partner-in-crime. (Literally.) Featuring funky, throwback visuals, the trailer shows off a new “bat-chick crazy” season in which Ryan must find a way to do her crime-fighting duties, all while carting around the crazy, not-so-dead twin sister of the former Batwoman, Kate Kane (Wallis Day).

The new third season marks Leslie’s second in the role of Batwoman, taking over from Ruby Rose and assuming an all-new crime-fighting identity as Ryan Wilder. A new character created specifically for the series, Wilder is highly skilled yet undisciplined, a “Batwoman 2.0” still attempting to find her place in the off-kilter world of Gotham and its many heroes and villains. Season 3 is also set to see her grapple with the reality of her birth mother, and whether or not blood matters the most when it comes to family — particularly with her Bat Team at her back.

Batwoman joins a host of other DC shows hosted on The CW, including The Flash, Arrow, and the long-running Legends of Tomorrow, soon set to celebrate its hundredth episode. Robin Givens, Victoria Cartagena, and Nick Creegan all join the series for its third season, alongside Bridget Regan, who is set to play fan-favorite DC villain Poison Ivy as she goes up against Wilder for the first time.

Batwoman, also starring Camrus Johnson, Nicole Kang, and Meagan Tandy, airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out the all-new trailer below:


via Collider

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