‘Batwoman’: Ruby Rose Alleges Horrifying Set Conditions Led to Her Departure!!

Ruby Rose took to Instagram this morning to detail her harrowing experience on the set of CW‘s Batwoman series. In May, the actress stepped down from her role as Kate Kane, which led to the role being recast with actress Wallis Day, but did not cite her reasons for leaving until now, stating, “Enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set.”

In a series of Instagram stories, Rose laid out a series of allegations against Batwoman‘s showrunner Caroline Dries, her former co-star Dougray Scott, and former Warner Bros. TV Chairman Peter Roth. These claims include:

  • Rose alleged that Dries only visited the set of Batwoman four to five times a year and that, while other Vancouver-based CW shows were shutting down due to COVID-19, Dries rushed to finish the season. Production on Batwoman was shut down on March 12, 2020, along with Supergirl and several other CW shows.
  • Rose called her Batwoman co-star Dougray Scott “unprofessional” and revealed that he called her agent following her departure from the series to find a way to leave. Scott departed the series at the end of the second season. She also alleged that Scott injured a female stunt double, “left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted,” and “abused women.” She explained that she sent an email out, asking for a no yelling policy on set, which was ignored.
  • Rose accused Roth of inappropriate behavior, including making women steam his pants while he was wearing them. She also stated that he hired a private investigator to follow her around, who he fired when their report “didn’t fit” his narrative. Roth stepped down as Warner Bros. TV Chairman one year ago, following 22 years of leadership. Earlier this month, Roth was presented with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

In addition to allegations of misconduct, harassment, and unprofessionalism, Rose also detailed numerous injuries sustained on set, including witnessing a crew member receive 3rd-degree burns and a PA who was left a quadriplegic. The latter claim was widely covered in the news and throughout the film community, which raised funds to support Amanda Smith‘s recovery. Rose shared these horrifying allegations just days after IATSE reached a tentative deal with AMPTA, following weeks of reporting about unsafe working conditions on sets across the country that may lead to union members rejecting the deal.

Rose also shared images from her own time in the hospital, where she was treated for a neck injury that she sustained during a stunt on the set of Batwoman. Rose explained that one of the reasons she was “stiff” on the series was because she was made to return to set ten days after surgery, after Roth threatened that “the whole cast and crew would be fired” because she had been injured on “his set.” She criticized the series for not writing around her injury and allowing her the time to heal.

She went on to explain a situation surrounding San Diego Comic-Con and the video that she shared to Instagram at the time, where she was told to “cover your scar, we don’t want to see that scar.” Her scar is visible in the video and she stated that it was one of the reasons that she chose to publicly share her surgery video.

Over the past few years, Warner Bros. has faced a number of serious allegations surrounding their superhero projects, including Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot‘s claims against Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League. At this time, Warner Bros. has not responded to Rose’s allegations of misconduct on the set of Batwoman.

via Collider

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