‘The Pod Generation’: Emilia Clarke, Chiwetel Ejiofor to Lead in Sci-Fi Rom Com!!

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor will star in The Pod Generation, a sci-fi romantic comedy directed by Sophie Barthes. As revealed by Variety, The Pod Generation takes place in a near-future world where babies can be generated in detachable pods, allowing both parents to share the joys (and pains) of pregnancy.

In The Pod Generation, Ejiofor will play Alvy, a botanist who distrusts a world where AI is slowly replacing everything that’s natural about the world. However, Alvy is ready to give the pod generation of babies a shot, as this will allow him to start a family with his partner Rachel, played by Clarke. Rachel’s work gives the couple the opportunity to try the new technology developed by the fictional tech-giant Pesagus, which of course, will lead to some awkward situations.

Besides working as a romantic comedy, The Pod Generation should also make viewers discuss how technology has replaced natural processes in the real world. According to Fionnuala Jamison, the managing director of The Pod Generation’s producer company MK2 Films, the movie will raise “ethical questions about where technology is taking us, like once the womb has been commodified, what’s next?”

Commenting about the casting news, Barthes said that “working with Emilia and Chiwetel as a couple on screen is a dream come true. Emilia’s versatility, her disarming sense of humor, and capacity to navigate complex emotions are a perfect match to Chiwetel’s charisma and extraordinary screen presence.” The Pod Generation is the third feature of Barthes’ career, after Cold Souls and Madame Bovary.

Known for her part of Daenerys in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Clarke is set to play Joseph McCarthy’s wife on the senator’s biopic directed by Czech actor and filmmaker Václav Marhoul. Clarke will also become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an undisclosed role in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion.

Ejiofor was nominated for the Oscars for his performance in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, a part that got him a BAFTA. He recently starred as the villain of Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite and is set to come back as Karl Mordo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a part he played in the first Doctor Strange.

The Pod Generation has no release date yet, but shooting is expected to start in March 2022.

via Collider

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