‘Hawkeye’: Marvel’s Upcoming Disney+ Series Gets a New Trailer!! Check It Out!!

It’s almost time to get into the holiday spirit, and what better way than watching Hawkeye with the family? A brand new trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye has been released to remind us of the seasonal cheer that awaits us next month when the show premieres with its first two episodes on November 24.

Opening with a Christmas-themed Marvel Studios logo and punctuated with a dramatized rendition of “Deck the Halls,” this trailer poises Hawkeye as a six-part holiday event all revolving around the holiday of Christmas. This immediately establishes a playful tone that will hinge on the chemistry between leads Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, which this trailer works to set the stage for.

This trailer directs the spotlight onto Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, showing the infectious optimism that her character possesses and opening with a voice-over of Kate exclaiming her excitement to be working with an Avenger. This is an investment that will likely pay off, as Kate is likely set on a path straight to the Young Avengers, whether that comes in the form of a feature-film or Disney+ series — not to mention potentially inheriting the role of Hawkeye from Clint, who is ready to retire with his family.

Along with showing the dynamics of the two main characters, the trailer also gives glimpses into the thrilling and chaotic action that is to take place as a reluctant Clint must team up with the eager Kate to protect the city of New York during this precious time of year. Dedicated MCU fans will know to keep an eye out for Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, although she is not featured in the trailer, as the last time audiences saw her she was sent on a mission to kill Clint by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in Black Widow.

Overall this series looks to be a lot of fun: a synthesis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, buddy-cop action, and holiday flair — not to mention Molotov cocktails, inflatable Santas, and of course trick arrows!

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are set to stream exclusively on Disney+ on Thanksgiving, November 24, with the following four episodes will air in the subsequent weeks to follow. Check out the trailer below:


via Collider

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