‘Mind Fall’: Daisy Ridley to Star in Sci-Fi Thriller from ‘Gothika’ Director!!

Big news coming out of the American Film Market (AFM) as it has been officially announced that Daisy Ridley is set to star in the futuristic thriller Mind Fall. Reported by Deadline, the Star Wars star will be playing the lead role of the upcoming sci-fi thriller. The film is currently being put up for sale by Wild Bunch International and has a script written by Graham Moore (The Imitation Game) and has renowned French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz (La Haine) set to direct.

Mind Fall is set in a near-future London where through the use of illegal technology people are able to remove memories from someone’s mind and implant them into another. These “mems” have become the hottest drug on the black market as people are willing to pay top dollar to bind memories to themselves, making it indistinguishable between what events they themselves lived and what they implanted.

Ridley plays Ardis Varnado, a top trafficker of mems while also a struggling addict who gets high on their own supply. The story kicks off when Varnado is accused of murdering one of her clients, she sets out to figure out what truly happened and clear her name. Doing so forces her to face her own jumbling memory, not knowing which are actually her and which are mems. As she uncovers the truth and tries to piece together her own mind, she finds out she had good reason to doubt what she believed to be real.

Solstice Studios was originally meant to oversee the creation of the film, but the studio seems to be shutting down after they laid off top executives earlier this month. Vincent Maraval and Kim Fox are now leading the buyer discussions for Wild Bunch International. The film is being produced by Jeff Robinov and John Graham of Studio 8, which is also in production on Robert Rodriguez thriller Hypnotic starring Ben Affleck and Alice Braga.

Ridley most recently starred in Chaos Walking alongside Tom Holland and is currently in post-production on Neil Burger’s The Marsh King’s Daughter for STX. Kassovitz most recently directed Le Bureau Des Legends and starred in Yvan Attal’s film The Accusation. Mind Fall will mark Kassovitz‘s first film as a director in more than a decade and his third English-language film as a director after Gothika and Babylon AD. Moore won the 2015 Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar and WGA award for the Morten Tyldum directed film The Imitation Game.

Currently, there is no release date or window for Mind Fall, so stay tuned to Collider as this film moves forward.

via Collider

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