‘Butcher’s Crossing’: Fred Hechinger Joins the Nicolas Cage led Western!!

Fred Hechinger will star in the lead role opposite Nicolas Cage in Gabe Polsky’s new Western film, Butcher’s Crossing, Deadline reports. The feature, which will be scripted by Polsky and Liam Satre-Meloy, will be an adaptation of the 1960 novel of the same name by John Williams.

The book, which takes place in 1874, tells the story of Will Andrews, a youthful Harvard dropout, who is inspired by the writings and philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson as he heads west for a connection with nature. He ends up in a middle of nowhere Kansas town called, Butcher’s Crossing, filled with money-hungry men that know how to waste a dollar. Ready for adventure, the young man joins a group of buffalo hunters led by Miller (Cage) as they leave Butcher’s Corner to seek out never-ending herds of the giant creatures beyond Kansas. Upon arriving in the promised land of buffalo nestled in the Rocky Mountains, the journey quickly becomes a life and sanity risking adventure that may leave the men without money or their lives.

Hechinger has gained recent popularity in his breakout role as Quinn, the socially awkward son of Mark (Steve Zahn) and Nicole Mossbacher (Connie Britton), in HBO’s The White Lotus. The actor has also recently appeared in all three installments of Netflix‘s Fear Street series, Amazon‘s The Underground Railroad, and The Woman in the Window.

In a first look photo of Cage last month, we were given a sneak peek into what we can expect from the upcoming film. The photo included western style pelts, facial scars, and grimaces from the Pig actor himself. With this new casting announcement, we can only hope to see even more first looks of this new, gun slingin’, buffalo huntin’ Western.


via Collider

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