‘Monsters Inc.’: Silent Film Short Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of the Pixar Film!! Check It Out!!

Pixar shared a heartwarmingly cute short based on their hit film, Monsters Inc. The creators put a fun spin on the short, animating it in the style of a black and white silent film. Viewers see a colorless Mike and Sulley, the leading characters of the iconic Pixar film, as they attempt to fill up their scream canisters one scare at a time.

The short was created as part of the studios’ celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the computer-animated film first hitting the screen. The hit film featured the vocal talents of John Goodman, Billy Crystal, and Steve Buscemi to bring the monsters to life.

The original film, under the direction of Pete Docter, told the story of Mike Wazowski (Crystal) and James P. Sullivan aka Sulley (Goodman), two monsters who worked at the largest scare factory in Monstropolis (the biggest city in the monster world). The city of Monstropolis is powered by the screams of children in which the factory workers must provoke by jumping out of closets and from under the beds of unsuspecting kids.

When Sulley discovers that someone has made a huge mistake in leaving one of the portal doors open that connects the monster world to the human world, he inspects the door leaving just enough time for a human girl to enter into the world of monsters. Chaos ensues as Mike and Sulley must find a way to hide the girl from their nemesis Randall (Buscemi) and make sure she gets back to the her world undetected and safe. Things get especially tricky when it is discovered that the girl, who they nickname Boo, can power the whole town with something more powerful than screams – laughter.

The short gives viewers the gist of the original movie set to a vaudevillian style musical background complete with silent film intertitles which are the cards that tell us what the characters are saying.

Hopefully, Pixar will give more of its beloved films the silent movie makeover so we can enjoy all of our favorites again with a new twist. For now, join in the Monsters Inc. anniversary celebrations by checking out the full short below.


via Collider

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