‘Encanto’ Gets a New Featurette!! Check It Out!!

With only two weeks to go before the release of Encanto in theaters, Disney is building up anticipation for their newest animated feature. The company released a new featurette on the making of the film for their Twitter followers, chronicling the process of bringing the magical Madrigal family to life, as well as the enchanted world of their casita in the Cocora Valley of Colombia.

The new featurette highlights directors Byron Howard, Jared Bush, and Charise Castro Smith laying out the story of Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) and her family, and the process that the film’s creative team underwent to create the lush world inhabited by the Madrigals, including the recording process and the animation team’s trip to the Cocora Valley—which Bush describes as “one of the most beautiful places [he’s] ever been to” — to get a feel for the film’s location.

The featurette also offers audiences new footage prior to the film’s release, including their first look at Bruno (voiced by John Leguizamo), Mirabel’s uncle who was exiled from the family for reasons unknown, as well as a peek into new music written by Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who describes the film as “joyous”:

“It was an amazing experience immersing myself in the music of Colombia, and it was such a joy writing songs for these incredible characters. This movie is about family, and your role within your family. I hope that people go see it with their families. I think people will see themselves in the different family members. It’s just a joyous experience.”

Encanto, also featuring the voices of María Cecilia Botero, Diane Guerrero, Jessica Darrow, Angie Cepeda, Wilmer Valderrama, Carolina Gaitán, Rhenzy Feliz, Ravi-Cabot Conyers, and Adassa, among others, premieres in theaters on November 24, before arriving on Disney+ on Christmas Eve. Check out the all-new featurette below:


via Collider

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