‘Win or Lose’: First Look Teases Pixar’s First Original Series!! Check It Out!!

Pixar is stepping up the bat with its first-ever original long-form series, and now audiences have their first look at the studio’s newest adventures. As part of their Disney+ Day celebrations, Disney has unveiled a first look at the concept art for Win or Lose, an all-new animated series arriving on the streamer sometime in 2023.

While the concept art doesn’t reveal much about the series itself, Win or Lose is set to follow a middle school softball team and their coach (all pictured in the concept art) in the lead up to their first big championship game. An exact number of episodes has yet to be revealed, but each piece of the new series is set to be told from the perspective of a different character, adding a whole host of new, lovable icons to Pixar’s already stellar lineup.

The announcement of Win or Lose comes alongside a number of other recent announcements from Pixar, including two new feature films, Turning Red and Lightyear, both of which will also receive making-of documentaries on Disney+. But, unlike those films, Win or Lose will be something entirely new for Pixar — their first go at creating original, long-form series content in their 35-year history.

The brainchild of Pixar story artists Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, the series will be produced by David Lally, with Hobson and Yates serving as writers and directors for the new venture. Win or Lose is the first Pixar series not to be based on a pre-existing movie, and is one of a number of new projects coming to Disney+ in 2023, including an all-new Tiana series, continuing the story of the hit 2009 film The Princess and the Frog.

Win or Lose will premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2023. Check out the first look art below:


via Collider

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