‘Limitless’ With Chris Hemsworth Trailer Reveals the New Disney+ and National Geographic Show!! Check It Out!!

Chris Hemsworth sees how far he can push his limits in Disney+’s new series, Limitless. The crews at Disney and National Geographic are set to bring this part travel, part athletic show to the streaming platform at some point in 2022. The six-episode series will be under the direction of Academy Award nominated director, Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Mother!) and produced by Nutopia Productions. The trailer for the show (which you can see below!) promises to push the Thor star as far as his body and mind can go, which is saying something considering how jacked Hemsworth already is.

“You’re probably asking yourself why I’m dangling off a rope a thousand feet off the ground,” Hemsworth says at the opening of the trailer as the star hangs from a long piece of rope that is attached to a cable car towering above him, oddly reminiscent of the opening scene in Thor: Ragnarok. Hemsworth goes on, “I’m asking the same question. Well, Disney wanted to make a show about longevity, turns out this has something to do with it. Here we go.” And just like that, he starts shimmying his way up the rope, climbing towards the suspended cable car one thousand feet above him.

The rest of the trailer shows Hemsworth in every situation imaginable from swimming in icy cold waters to carrying weights up the bleachers of a football stadium to jumping from tall buildings and beyond. The Marvel star informs the viewers the reason he is pushing himself so hard is to be sure that he lives a long life and is sure “to make the most of every moment”.

The show isn’t going to be all about Hemsworth’s physical feats, however. It will also be about keeping his mind just as sharp as his body. We hear a voice off-screen say to Hemsworth, “How can we be present with our stress now, so that it doesn’t kill us later?” It’s a question for the actor about the mind-body connection he will need to successfully take on each challenge that comes his way.

As the trailer plays, we see an intertitle saying, “Our search for” followed by several others stating the words “strength”, “resistance”, “memory”, “resilience”, “regeneration”, and “acceptance” making this new series look like it will be about the entire human experience and not just another show about pushing physical limits. Hemsworth is sure to make the perfect host for this series as being both a great athlete as well as a person that will take the task at hand seriously but with a bit of comedic relief when able. Be sure to check out the full trailer below for this new on-the-edge nail-biter of a Disney+ series.


via Collider

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