‘The Boys’: New Vought+ Commercial Pokes Fun at Disney+ Day!! Check It Out!!

The Boys have been having some fun when it comes to marketing during the hiatus between its second and third season with a number of shorts and vignettes that poke fun and parody the entertainment world, not unlike how the show itself does the same thing when it comes to the superhero genre. In its newest outing, they have decided to make a commercial for Vought+ Day, a not-so-subtle jab at Disney+ Day that is happening today.

Vought is the company that manages the superheroes in The Boys. Think of them as talent managers for actors but those actors are also Superman, Aquaman, etc. With these popular heroes at their disposal, they use them to create movies similar to the MCU we have today as well as documentaries and drama series following these world-famous heroes. These can be streamed (not really) on their platform, Vought+.

Just as the Disney streaming platform that it takes its name from has been announcing new content today, Vought has decided to do the very same thing. In a tweet from the official Vought International page, the company from the popular Amazon series makes sure to hammer the word “plus” into your head until it loses all meaning. By subscribing right now (make sure you do it before the price hike next week), you can get all the superhero and pop culture content you could want, from watching A-Train’s new music video or his latest race, to a host of films for heroes that Homelander may or may not have killed.

This ad for the fictitious streaming service actually first debuted in a Vought News Network video from back in September, though this tweet is bringing it back by itself to “celebrate” the day that Disney gets to dominate your feed even more than it already does.

This is not the first time that The Boys has done this kind of parody with Vought, as they also created their own awards after their (not real) Vought originals didn’t get any Emmy nominations. In actual news around the upcoming third season, it was announced that a college spinoff of The Boys was greenlit back in September. There has also been the release of the first images of Crimson Countess, played by The Walking Dead actress Laurie Holden, who will debut in season three of the critically acclaimed series alongside Jensen Ackles as the character Soldier Boy, Sean Patrick Flanery as Supersonic, Nick Wechsler as Gunpowder, and Miles Gaston Villanueva as Blue Hawk.

While Season 3 of The Boys does not currently have a release date, you can watch the first two seasons now on Prime Video. You can see the tweet with the Vought+ promo down below:


via Collider

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