‘Tick, Tick… BOOM!’ Gets a New Featurette!! Check It Out!!

Tick, Tick… BOOM! may be your introduction to the works of Jonathan Larson, or perhaps like many others, you first found out about him via his phenomenal Broadway hit turned blockbuster film, Rent. Either way, the life of the man behind the works is possibly just as legendary as the music and lyrics he is known for. Although it’s a story with a tragic ending, it’s also one of a creative individual that wanted to see his pieces illuminate the struggles of those around him.

In a new behind-the-scenes teaser for the release of Tick, Tick… BOOM! the cast and crew spoke of their experience of bringing Larson’s first show to a feature film. Director Lin-Manuel Miranda, and screenwriter Steven Levenson spoke to Larson’s experience writing what was initially performed as a solo project and how they crafted it into a film by going through his old notes and scripts. The film is also said to have only been made possible because of the help and support of Larson’s sister, Julie Larson, who served on the film as an executive producer.

Tick, tick… BOOM! is a semi-autobiographical tale that tells the story of Larson as he struggles to find success in the musical world on the cusp of his 30th birthday in 1990. Through telling this personal story, he also began to get ideas for his next musical, Rent. With Rent, Larson turned the spotlight onto communities that were ignored and shoved to the outskirts during the 1980s and 1990s. The story focuses on the queer community, addiction, the HIV/AIDS crisis, and featured a cast that is predominately non-white. It shared a lot of stories that had until that time not been put into the public eye and was an overnight sensation. Unfortunately, Larson would never get to see the success of all his hard work. The playwright died of an aortic aneurysm in the early morning hours on the day of Rent’s Off-Broadway debut.

The artist inspired many upcoming creatives and truly gave a voice to a generation that felt their stories would never be heard. One of the creatives Larson inspired was Miranda. Known for creating Broadway sensations, Hamilton and In The Heights, Miranda attributes much of his success to the late composer and playwright. In the teaser, we hear a story in which Miranda had his mind blown when he was able to see Rent on his 17th birthday. Miranda is a visionary in his own right, bringing his background of hip hop to the stage in both of his hits.

Whether you’re new to Larson and his work, or are a well seasoned “Rent-head”, you’re sure to see a bit of yourself in the characters Larson has created. Check out the full clip below and tune in to Netflix when Tick, Tick… BOOM! explodes on November 19.


via Collider

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