‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Gets a New Poster!! Check It Out!!

We are only weeks away from jumping back into The Matrix, and in anticipation of the latest film in the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections has released a new poster. Naturally, at the center of the poster is Keanu Reeves as Neo, and also includes Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus, amongst others.

Fans of the franchise have been scratching their heads since the film was announced as the last film The Matrix Revolutions felt like a rather conclusive end to the story of Neo and the plight of the remaining humans who were hunkered down in the caverns of Zion. When last we saw Neo, he had just traveled to the earth’s surface to come face to face with the machines to ask them for their help in taking down a common enemy, the rogue program Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). The film ended with Neo sacrificing himself to save humanity and destroy Smith, which ended the war between man and machine. The ending even included a literal interpretation of a new dawn for the world of the Matrix, as those who wish to stay in could and those who wish to leave were allowed to.

While the new poster doesn’t show it, there are returning characters from the previous films besides Moss and Reeves, Jada Pinkett Smith will return as Captain Niobe, Lambert Wilson will return as The Merovingian – the rogue program who collected The Matrix’s version of ghosts, vampires, and werewolves. Also returning will be Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson. It was reported that Weaving was approached to reprise his role, but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. Also returning is co-writer and director Lana Wachowski, who directed the previous three entries with her sister Lilly Wachowski.

In addition to newcomer Abdul-Mateen II, who is playing a character by the name of Morpheus, other new faces to the franchise include Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Toby Onwumere, Max Riemelt, Erèndria Ibarra, Priyanka Chopra, and Christina Ricci.

The Matrix Resurrections comes to theaters and HBO Max on December 22. Check out the poster for The Matrix Resurrections below.

Here is the official synopsis for The Matrix Resurrections:

In a world of two realities—everyday life and what lies behind it—Thomas Anderson will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more. Choice, while an illusion, is still the only way in or out of the Matrix, which is stronger, more secure and more dangerous than ever before.


via Collider

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