‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’: Music Video Reveals Mckenna Grace’s End Credits Song!! Check It Out!!

Is there anything Mckenna Grace can’t do? After unequivocally stealing the show in Ghostbusters: Afterlife as Phoebe Spengler, grandaughter of Harold RamisEgon, the 15-year-old star has just released a music video to tie into the film. What’s more? If you head to the movies this weekend to catch the new Ghostbusters, stick around afterward—not just for those hotly anticipated post-credit scenes, but you’ll also hear the song, called “Haunted House,” play over the credits reel.

Per Entertainment Weekly, a statement from Grace said that the single is inspired by “a rough time” in her personal life amid the global COVID-19 crisis. “I wanted to write a song about how even after someone’s not in your life anymore, their memory never really leaves you,” she said, per Entertainment Tonight. “You could take it as a breakup song, but it could also be about a friend or a family member or any kind of relationship that’s ended.

However you personally take the song, it’s a considered and mature artistic statement from Grace, who demonstrates some terrific musical chops. She’s unrecognizable from her Egon-lookalike character in the music video, sporting a bright blonde look evocative of on-trend Billie Eilish. She reflected on her prolific performance output in a recent interview with Collider:

“I’ve been acting for 10 years professionally and I’m only 15, so that’s a weird thing to say. But I’ve been acting since I was five and a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, that poor girl. All she does is work. She needs to go outside, ride a bike.’ Those to me are the stupidest comments and stuff because I have so much fun. It’s like, ‘Oh, she needs to be outside. Ah!’ I’m literally outside skating, doing all sorts of stuff. [It’s] just, a lot of parts of my life I don’t share on social media, so it’s hard to see behind the curtain. But honestly, this is what I love doing. This is my passion. I would not rather be doing anything else besides this, anything creative.”

Sony is hoping that Ghostbusters: Afterlife makes it to the top spot of the domestic box office as it hits theatres this weekend, with an aim to generate $30 million from a 4,300 theatre-wide release. No doubt Grace‘s terrific performance will inspire great word of mouth, even if the film has proven to be critically divisive. Check out her music video for “Haunted House” below:

via Collider

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