‘Becoming Cousteau’ Trailer Reveals the Documentary About the Famous Explorer!! Check It Out!!

National Geographic Documentary films are set to begin streaming the critically acclaimed film Becoming Cousteau next week on Disney+, as shown in a new trailer. The documentary from Academy Award Nominated Director Liz Garbus is focused on the brilliant works of French explorer, environmentalist and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Cousteau documented the exotic wonders below the ocean using amazing pioneering equipment, which led to him receiving two Academy Awards along and a pair of long-running television shows, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and The Cousteau Odyssey. His work became revolved around life in the sea and on his beloved boat, the Calypso.

He was also an ardent environmentalist who alerted everyone about the warming of our oceans decades before the climate crisis headlines began. He strived to protect Antarctica and took part in the first Earth Summit, Cousteau’s passion and hard work helped us to see what we need to do for our planet, which is still inspiring generations today.

The director said in a statement:

“Jacques Cousteau was an adventurer and inventor who became a passionate environmentalist later in life. He was not born a protector of the seas — it was something he grew to appreciate as he witnessed the undersea world changing before his very own eyes. I hope Cousteau’s incredibly entertaining, epic life shows how much we can all evolve in life and in our attitude towards our place on Earth. Cousteau is a true hero for our age, and his life story points the way to a better future.”

Becoming Cousteau is produced by award winners Dan Cogan and Evan Hayes, Mridu Chandra and Story Syndicate. The documentary had its world premiere at the 2021 Telluride Film Festival earlier this year.

Becoming Cousteau premieres November 24 on Disney+. Watch the trailer for the documentary below:

via Collider

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