The Allman Brothers Biopic in the Works From Director Nick Cassavetes!!

Music biopics have been announced and released left and right this year and now we have another one to look forward to. Nick Cassavetes and Sunset Blvd Films are partnering up to bring us a new biopic based on 70s rock legends The Allman Brothers Band, Deadline reports.

The film, which doesn’t have a title yet, will take viewers back in time and examine the lives of Gregg and Duane Allman from their beginnings of being raised by a single mother and enduring childhood hardships to earning their spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and all points in between.

The boys were self-taught musicians that focused their time and energy towards learning Southern blues and R&B music stylings and didn’t let their early musical failures deter them from trying again and again. The film also promises to give viewers a look into Gregg’s marriage to Cher, as well as his dedication and devotion to get Jimmy Carter elected to the presidency. We will also see how the band fell apart, but ultimately came back stronger than ever to tour for years on end and would continue to release amazing music until their final break up in 2014.

Of his draw to The Allman Brothers, The Notebook and John Q director Cassavetes said, “I grew up a huge fan of The Allman Brothers. They had a profound influence on the music culture in America and I’m honored to be able to have an opportunity to tell their story.”

The band is a staple in the classic rock world with hits such as “Blue Sky,” “Ramblin’ Man,” “Jessica,” and “Melissa.” The group would go on to produce several platinum-selling records, but their road to greatness was also scattered with tragedy. The musicians had to work through battles with addiction and the sudden premature passing of band co-founder, Duane and original bassist, Berry Oakley.

Speaking to Cassavetes’ ability to portray this story through his filmmaking, Sunset Blvd Films President Len Fico said, “Nick brings passion, [perceptiveness] and integrity to this multi-dimensional saga. Beyond creating music that became a cultural touchstone, the Allmans’ story is one of tragic death, betrayal, drug and alcohol use and eventually exoneration and redemption. Nick’s abilities to bring flawed but empathic characters to the screen makes him the only logical choice for the Allmans’ story.”

There may be no other band with a story as gripping as The Allman Brothers. The musical group was certainly pushed to the limits over the years and faced their demons head-on as they aspired to achieve their goals. Although there is no release date yet for the biopic, we can’t wait to hear more about this legendary, groundbreaking group and the making of our favorite songs.



via Collider

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