‘Inventing Anna’ Trailer Reveals Julia Garner as the enigmatic Anna Delvey!! Check It Out!!

Shonda Rhimes is bringing the true story of an elaborate and lavish con artist to the small-screen early next year. Netflix has released the first-look trailer and premiere date for Inventing Anna, a thriller that will look into the story of one of New York City’s biggest con artists.

Starring Anna Chlumsky, the nine-episode series will follow Vivian (Chlumsky), a journalist who is looking into the case of Anna Delvey (Julia Garner), a New York socialite, and German heiress who rips off the City’s upper class and lives the socialite life on their dime. Vivian and Delvey form a love-hate bond between them, as Delvey awaits her fate in court, and Vivian tries to beat the clock to uncover the truth behind who this socialite imposter is. The first trailer is light on details, revealing the charming life of Delvey and the reporter looking to expose her. Joining Chlumsky and Garner are Laverne Cox, Alexis Floyd, and Katie Lowes.

Inventing Anna will be the second production produced as part of the creative pact between Netflix and Rhimes, who broke streaming records with the smash success of Bridgerton, which will begin its second season in 2022 and was already renewed for a third and fourth season.

In addition to running the series and being an executive producer, Rhimes will also serve as a writer, along with Matt Bryne, Jess Brownell, Abby Ajayi, and Nick Nardini, with David Frankel, Tom Verica, Daisy Von Scherler Mayer, Ellen Kuras, and Nzingha Stewart will serve as directors. This will be the first time Rhimes has written for one of her series since Scandal.

The series is inspired by a New York Magazine article that details the elaborate con of Anna Delvey, a party girl who infiltrated New York’s social scene and lived a life of luxury on the dime of the socialites she stole money from. The article, “How an Aspiring “It” Girl Tricked New York’s Party People — and its Banks,” was written by Jessica Pressler, who will also serve as a producer on the series.

Inventing Anna will premiere on Netflix on February 11. Check out the trailer for Inventing Anna below.


via Collider

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