‘Blade’ Reportedly Set to Start Filming in Summer 2022!!

As everyone who even remotely cares will know by now, an unexpected surprise popped up in one of the post-credits scenes for Eternals. In the scene, we see Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) admiring the Ebony Blade and, as he reaches out to touch it after a self-pep talk, an external voice asks: “Sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?” It was, of course, confirmed to be Mahershala Ali‘s Blade, which brought about quite a lot of confusion among fans: while Marvel India had reportedly leaked that his film is set to be released in October of next year, but no one was expecting to hear from him so soon.

Now, according to the industry magazine Production Weekly, there’s another spanner in the works: the film isn’t set to start shooting until late summer 2022 in Atlanta, which would most certainly preclude the previously rumored October release. Looks like we’re gonna have to wait a little longer for any potential tussling with Whitman’s Black Knight.

According to the synopsis given by Production Weekly, the MCU‘s Blade will be sticking close to his comic book roots: “A human-vampire hybrid since his tragic birth, Blade has spent his long like seeking to rid the world of vampires like the one that killed his mother. Over the years, he has mastered his own style of fighting monsters of all kinds,” it reads. Sounds like a bloody good time to us. Last week, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Da 5 BloodsDelroy Lindo had joined the cast in a yet to be determined role.

Also reported in this issue of Production Weekly are production dates for two other hotly-anticipated MCU projects. Werewolf By Night, the Disney+ Halloween special arriving for the season in 2022, is set to film between February and March next year. Details are sparse on the project’s plot, other than that it will star Gael García Bernal in what we can presume to be the eponymous role of Werewolf by Night, a moniker used by a couple of heroes in the Marvel comics.

Echo, another series set to hit Disney+ over the next year or two as a spin-off to the now running Hawkeye, is also set for an early-2022 production date, shooting in Atlanta in April. That could suggest that the show will come earlier than fans expect, with a late-2022 or early-2023 premiere more than feasible. Not much is known about the plot for this one, either, other than that it’ll center on Echo, a deaf Native American character played by Alaqua Cox in Hawkeye.


via Collider

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