‘Disclaimer’: Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline Set for Apple TV+’s Alfonso Cuarón Thriller Series!!

Cate Blanchett is staying in the TV world for a while longer. After starring in productions like Mrs. America, Stateless and the upcoming Brideshead Revisited, the two-time Academy Award winner is teaming up with filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón for a new thriller series at Apple TV+. Disclaimer follows an investigative journalist who sees her world turn upside down and the roles reversed when she becomes the subject of an exposé.

Joining Blanchett and Cuarón is Kevin Kline. The Academy Award winner and A Fish Called Wanda star is making his TV debut – in the flesh, at least, since he’s already done voice acting for TV series like Bob’s Burgers and Freedom: A History of US. In Disclaimer, Kline plays the author who publishes the exposé on Catherine (Blanchett).

Disclaimer is the first project birthed from the multi-year deal that Cuarón signed with Apple TV+, announced back in 2019. He is set to write, executive produce and direct all episodes of the new series. The four-time Academy Award winner is teaming up with another record-breaker: three-time Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity, The Revenant) will be the co-director of photography for Disclaimer, along with Bruno Delbonnel (The Tragedy of Macbeth, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince).

Cuarón’s selection of cast and crew suggests he might be gearing up to bring his A-game to his first incursion into TV since he directed the pilot for NBC’s Believe, which he also co-created. With three talented cinematographers on set (Cuarón was his own director of photography in his Netflix film Roma), Disclaimer has a good chance of standing out for its visuals alone, amidst countless TV series that pop up everywhere across the streaming wars.

Apple TV+ hasn’t announced a release date nor further details for Disclaimer, but you can read the official synopsis for the thriller series below:

Based on the novel of the same name by Renée Knight, “Disclaimer” will star Blanchett as ‘Catherine Ravenscroft,’ a successful and respected television documentary journalist whose work has been built on revealing the concealed transgressions of long-respected institutions. When an intriguing novel written by a widower (played by Kline) appears on her bedside table, she is horrified to realize she is a key character in a story that she had hoped was long buried in the past. A story that reveals her darkest secret. A secret she thought was hers alone.


via Collider

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