‘Vigil’ Trailer Teases Peacock’s New Mystery Series!! Check It Out!!

There is something sinister just beneath the surface of the new British crime drama Vigil, an upcoming series to stream on Peacock later this December.

The trailer starts with a singular mystery: the death of a crew member on board the Trident nuclear submarine, HMS Vigil. After the death, which was initially recorded as an accidental overdose, Scottish law enforcement is called on board to investigate. However, the investigation is complicated by the military’s stipulation that the UK’s nuclear deterrent must not be broken during the course of the investigation.

In the series, Suranne Jones stars as Chief Inspector Amy Silva, who questions the nature of the initial death abord the Vigil. But her suspicions, which soon turn to foul play, will lead her into dangerous waters and new, unforeseen threats to her own safety. However, the mystery extends beyond one murder into a full-blown conspiracy that touches on the disconcerting threat posed by nuclear-led military strategies.

Also starring in the series is Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones fame as Kirsten Longacre who, by the looks of the trailer, will follow Inspector Silva into the center of the unraveling mystery at the center of the series. Vigil was written and created by Tom Edge, who previously wrote the screenplay for the 2019 film Judy, and is based on an original idea by George Aza-Selinger. The series is executive produced by Simon Heath and Jake Lushington for World Productions, as well as Gaynor Holmes of the BBC, James Strong, and Tom Edge. Filming for the series took place in Scotland.

The series originally aired on the BBC in August of this year. Vigil will stream exclusively on Peacock starting December 23. The limited series will consist of six 60-minute episodes. You can get a glimpse at the sub-aquatic mystery in the new trailer below:

via Collider

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